MOT Test: Overview of MOT Classes

mot test
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In the UK the MOT test for vehicles was introduced as early as the 1960s. Over the years, the program has gone a long way, but the objectives remain the same. The MOT test is aimed at improving the safety standards in the UK with a particular focus on road safety and preservation of lives. There are different classes of MOT tests recommended for vehicles. The MOT class of your vehicles depends on the type of car your drive and its use.

The tests are currently broken down in to a number of classes: each dedicated to a particular type of vehicle.  A full list of the current classes may be found on the government mot site.

The most important classers of MOT test for the public to know about are classes 4 and 7. This article focuses on those tow classes.

The objectives of an MOT test, regardless of class are simple:  Is the vehicle fit for use on UK roads.. The tests are also meant to improve the environmental standards in the UK regarding emission from vehicles. MOT tests also reduce the chances of road accidents due to lingering mechanical faults in cars that may have gone unnoticed for months.

Remember that MOT is only for vehicles that have been used for more than three years in the UK (with the exception of ambulances and taxis).

Class 4 MOT tests

The majority of car owners will fall under the class 4 MOT tests. Your vehicle should be booked for a class 4 MOT test if it falls under any of the following categories;

  • Private passenger cars, ambulances, taxis
  • Commercial cars with eight seats
  • Three-wheeled vehicles weighing over 450kg
  • Quads weighing 400kg
  • Quads weighing 500kg with a power of 15kw, and used for commercial purposes
  • Caravans
  • Three-wheeled vehicles weighing over 450kg

Class 7 MOT tests

The vehicles classified under this test are typically commercials with weights that fall between 3000kg and 3,500 kg. The MOT class 7 tests check functions such as the emission level, seat belts, exhaust system, brakes, seats, and other vital aspects of the functionality of the car. Common vehicles that fall under this MOT category in the UK for example include the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford transit, and Renault traffic.

If you have identified the MOT class for the vehicle you drive, you can proceed to make a booking. This can be done online on official websites that help you locate the MOT test centre closest to your location.